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  • Parenting, I'm doing it right - LA Lifestlye Photography

  • I was on a businessish call today when I was interrupted by my 4 year old. She came in my room and said "ehhh hummm... I am going to read, this room is my library. Can you please be quiet?" She then grabbed a book and settled in for some quality reading. You're never too young to be prepared for the zombocalypse. I think this picture may need to be blown up life size and displayed in our living-room!  
  • Los Angeles Nursing Photography

  • I was invited into little Miss Quincy's home to photograph her and her mother. Their living room was filled with bright colors and vintage furniture. Quincy was full of smiles and very interested in me and my camera. So much that she was more interested in me than the thing I was there to photographer her doing... Nursing! She would latch on then let go and look back at me.. latch on then let go and look back at me.... We were able to get a few nursing shots in but took the rest of the time getting some solo shots and a few of her just love'n on her mama. Her mom told me after her shoot, when they went to lay down and nurse, Quincy was still looking for me and my camera! :::heart melts:::       
  • Expressing Motherhood Cast Family Photos -Los Angeles Family Photographer

  • A few years ago I won tickets to Expressing Motherhood.  Tickets to a show for women with free wine and cupcakes.. HECK YEAH! My friend and I both left our nursing babies with our husbands for a ladies night out. This was a rare treat for me at the time. I was pretty new to L.A., had only made a few err, a friend. At the show we treated ourselves to greasy food truck snacks, a few glasses of wine and cupcakes. Each cast member told a different story. Stories of joy, pain, and silliness. The show was raw, humbling, and hilarious. I was so inspired by these woman. Their confidence. Their passion. From the day my husband I moved to L.A., 8 months pregnant with our 20 month old and 10 year old we knew we loved it here.  But, after this show though, I felt a connection. A connection with ALL the L.A. moms. Not only the ones like me but the ones who were different as well!  I left less judgmental because even if a mom parented different than me we were the same. We all had 1 thing in common aside from having had babies. We were raising kids in L.A.! This year I was asked to do the cast photos for the show. I was honored and excited to be part of a show that was so touching to me and helped me feel like I belonged here. A huge thank you to all these beautiful and families and new friends of Little L.A. Photography! It was wonderful working with you and I can't wait to see the show again! To buy tickets to the shows in May visit Expressing Motherhood    
  • Santa Monica pier 1st Birthday Photography! Little L.A. Photography

  • It's almost spring and that means its will be warm enough for shoots like the one I had last year with Miss Molly. Molly celebrated her 1st birthday at the Santa Monica pier with me. We played at the water, up on the pier and even had a giant cupcake! Because what is a 1st birthday photoshoot without some cake? Lets book your babies Santa Monica pier and beach shoot this spring!