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  3. by Howdy on August 15, 2017  9:51 pm Reply

    Hi Steve here.. Just a little question for you..
    what number of new new clients do you think you will gain if you had a lead capture video on the front page of google for EVERY service that you provide and showing in EVERY local google search made for the city and towns that you cover..
    sounds to good to be true? Check out my case study looking forward to gaining you clients Steve
    results follow in days not months like search engine optimization.

  4. by Hello on August 21, 2017  4:30 pm Reply

    Hi there!
    I honestly can't think of any business that wouldn't want their business in a tv commercial.
    However its really expensive and so untargeted! BUT How many sales or customers do you think you will gain if you had a commercial running when they were LOOKING for your business?
    My name is Steve and I am looking to work with a few businesses for an online commercial. Instead of being on TV, I want to put your business front and center with a video(commercial) on Google & Youtube in your local area. Not just 1. Not just 5. Not just 10.
    But a complete domination of your local market with as many video billboard commercials that it takes to dominate your area.
    How many new customers will you get if they search for your service or product and all they see are billboards showcasing you?
    I have a few spots open. To see proof of results and what it can do for you please go to to see some sample results and how we can do the same for you.

  5. by Let me put you in front of your local market on September 19, 2017  12:25 am Reply

    Hey Elton here,
    look I know you get messages all day long offering you SEO...
    pay me $1000's now and you “may” see results in 6 months time.. is the normal BS pitch!
    how about some advertising that works, and gets you results in days not months!
    let me and my team put you on 60 LOCAL sites that get BIG traffic and will get the phone ringing this don't need to pay 1000's to get the calls coming in, you just need to be in front of your local markets. Getting calls and sales does not need some over complicated SEO strategy!
    1. We put your Business on 60+ local directory sites and social media local groups. (Facebook etc.)
    2. calls come the same week.
    3. you make more sales.
    4. rinse and repeat
    o did I mention this all costs less then a meal out!
    this works fast..
    get all the info here
    use use coupon code TWNETYFIVE on the website to make this the best ROI you have seen, get calls and sales this week!

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