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  • Mommy & Me - Los Angeles Baby Photography

  • Mommy & Me - Los Angeles Baby Photography Kai and his mommy invited me to their highrise home for a mommy and me shoot. High above L.A. in their beautiful bedroom we attempted to get Kai to nurse, Kai had other plans! He was so interested in my camera and what I was doing in his room that he wasn't interested in his mama's milk. We were able to get a few nursing shots but we made the best of it and took the opportunity to get some sweet photos of him and his mama together. Beautiful view, adorable bedroom, gorgeous mama and super cute baby...        Lately I have been checking out the book shelves in the homes I visit. I love to see the contrast between pre-baby and post-baby books. I have never been a fan of the saying "a baby changes everything" but they sure do change your book shelf! xoxo Christina Hultquist
  • Mother And Baby - LA Breastfeeding Photographer

  • Mother And Baby - LA breastfeeding Photographer Miss Ruby stole my heart the minute I walked into her home. She was so smooshy and clearly so connected with her mama. It was so sweet watching her and her mother interact. So much l0ve. Ruby with her little curls smoothy legs, adorable diaper cover! (I'm a suckers for cute cloth diapers!) At the end of her shoot I reached out to Ruby (because who could resist shoomshing on this baby?) and she came right to me! We cuddled a for a minute before she went back for some more mama's milk! Thank you sweet baby for the cuddles and thank you mama for making such cuddly babies!    xoxo Christina Hultquist
  • Santa Monica Family Nursing Photography

  • Sweet Santa Monica Family- LA Breastfeeding Photography Something about this beautiful mom just brightens my day. She looks like a fairy. A nursing in the park fairy. Yeah those are real! Nursing in the park fairies! Her sweet little baby nursing and then lovingly looking up at his mama. You can just see the love she has for him with that look of mommy bliss on her face. Thank you SuAnn for sharing a bit of your family with me. xoxo Christina Hultquist
  • Hollywood Homebirth -Los Angeles Birth Photographer

  • Hollywood Homebirth A beautiful second home birth in West Hollywood. This mama inspired me and showed me true strength and beauty in her silence during the birth of her sweet baby girl. I am so honored to be able to watch this family grow. This is what home birth looks like ♥       xoxo Christina Hultquist Send me a message today to book me for your homebirth in the Los Angeles area.