Monthly archives:May 2016

  • Cali Kids

  • When your friend calls and says "I'm picking my kids up from school, let's go to the beach!" You drop everything and go to the beach! That's what happened last Thursday. An afternoon on and empty beach with sweet friends was a great way to spend a spring day. The water was chilly but kids didn't seem to mind and spent most the day in the waves.
  • Big Bear Cabin

  • Over the weekend, my family headed to a wonderful cabin in Big Bear.  I checked the weather for 2 weeks and knew it would be brisk overnight but expected 50's in the day. We brought food for BBQing, balls for playing outdoors. We planned on hiking to the lake... then it snowed!!! SNOW!!! My youngest two, having spent most/all of their lives living in L.A. had only ever experienced The Grove and Disneyland 'snow.' They were ecstatic to say the least! My youngest said "Is it gonna to be Christmas?" Naturally if there is snow it must be Christmas right?!? They ran around in the snow in their jammies and rain boots all morning before heading back in to have hot cocoa by the fire. We can not wait to go back up there in the winter and build a snowman!