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  • It's Cast Off Day!

  • A personal post today. Three weeks ago, my family was celebrating my husbands Birthday. Just as we sat down to eat cake, my youngest son, Lex, ran up the stairs in our livingroom. He made it up 2 or 3 steps before he slipped and tumbled down. He landed right on his elbow and we rushed him to Cedars. He had a pretty bad fracture that required 2 pins to be placed in his elbow and landed him in a cast for 3 weeks. Lex and that cast were not friends. He begged daily for me to take it off. From day 1 he was counting down the days til this cast came off! Today was finally the day!!! I am happy to report that his cast is off, the pins are out and he has been rewarded with ice cream for his bravery!
  • Little Jakob - Los Angeles Newborn Photography

  • Meet Jakob. You may remember him from his Malibu maternity session a few weeks ago. :::wink::: After having so much for with his parents at the beach I could not wait to meet him. He did not disappoint! He was so precious and content. Very alert and interested in what I was up to with my camera. His mama, who is a fellow photographer, is going to have so much fun photographing him as he grows up. He is already clearly a great little model!
  • Homemade Pumpkin Latte

  • It can be hard to get in the "fall" mood here in Los Angeles. The weather is so warm. The trees don't change much and often don't change til later in the winter. The internet keeps reminding me though, that it is in fact FALL. With my new feeds full of all of my friends pinning and posting pumpkin muffins and cakes and lattes its hard to not want to indulge. I always click on the latte link, (cause doesn't a pumpkin latte sound wonderful?) only to find that the directions always have way to many steps. I do not want to bust out the immersion blender (HA if I owned one) at 6 am when I make my latte. So I thought I would try a simplified dairy and sugar free version (that won't wake up everyone in my tower at 6 am) and it came out pretty tasty! You need: Canned Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie Spice Canned Coconut Milk Espresso Take a spoonful of pumpkin and some shakes of pumpkin pie spice and set aside in a bowl. Make your espresso (I use the double cup) Pour the espresso into the bowl with the pumpkin and wisk it up! Pour the wisked up pumpkin espresso into a cup. Froth up your coconut milk. Pour your frothy goodness over your espresso Attempt seasonal latte art. #latteartfail Enjoy. xoxo Christina Hultquist
  • Banana Strawberry Yogurt - Los Angeles Lifestyle Photography

  • Yesterday my daughter woke up with a fever. She stayed in bed and cuddled me most of the day. Getting some (any) food in her was a priority and was thrilled when she requested yogurt! What better food than probiotics and fruit when your sick. I made this recipe for her yesterday and when she woke up feeling better this morning she asked for more. So I showed her how to make it herself, with a little help from her brother. I hope you and your kids enjoy this simple recipe as much as my kids did. What you need: Strawberries Bananas Plain yogurt Cut the tops off the strawberries   Just like this... :) Get your bananas and make a phone call..... call your grandma and tell her about the yummy yogurt you are making! Now cut up the bananas Put the bananas and strawberries in the blender Add the yogurt... tasting some along the way is a good idea too! Blend it all up! Add any topping you like. My kids used bananas because they opened an extra but ground flax seed, strawberries, whipped cream.. all sound yummy too! Enjoy! If you make this or any other recipe on my blog with your kids share your pictures on my Facebook page! My kids would love to see them! xoxo Christina, Kara and Lex