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  • Live In The Sunshine- Los Angeles Child Photographer

  • Week 2. Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Kara lived it up in the sunshine last night! While the boys dug in the sand Kara danced her heart out while yelling "the tide is coming in" at each wave. I feel so blessed to live in Los Angeles where a Friday in January looks like this...     xoxo Christina Hultquist Christina is a Los Angeles mom of 3 and photographer who's 2014 New Years resolution is to take her babies to the beach on Friday nights! Be sure to share and follow her weekly beach adventures!
  • Mother And Baby - LA Breastfeeding Photographer

  • Mother And Baby - LA breastfeeding Photographer Miss Ruby stole my heart the minute I walked into her home. She was so smooshy and clearly so connected with her mama. It was so sweet watching her and her mother interact. So much l0ve. Ruby with her little curls smoothy legs, adorable diaper cover! (I'm a suckers for cute cloth diapers!) At the end of her shoot I reached out to Ruby (because who could resist shoomshing on this baby?) and she came right to me! We cuddled a for a minute before she went back for some more mama's milk! Thank you sweet baby for the cuddles and thank you mama for making such cuddly babies!    xoxo Christina Hultquist
  • I've Got Sunshine -Los Angeles Children's Photography

  • On a rainy day... Enjoying the SoCal storm today? The clouds look spectacular. We are having a relaxed day at home. Organizing and doing a little spring cleaning. As I was going though photos on my "to blog" list I came across these.... from a much warmer day than today and they warmed my heart! I hope they warm yours too!