Monthly archives:October 2013

  • Pasadena Family Photographer

  • I met this family last year at their beautiful Pasadena home. In their yard with tomatoes growing and cloth diaper hung on the line to dry... The sun light shining through their blond hair and their happy babies and DOG made for the perfect family photos! The family dog... such a giant love! He let the kids crawl, climb and even sit on him without any fuss. He would just give me this look like... "yeah.. I don't mind." xoxo Christina Hultquist Send me a message to book your family shoot today!
  • So Much Love- Hollywood Maternity Photography

  • While I patiently wait for the birth of these two mamas baby, I have been busy working on their maternity photos. It was hard to not just share everyone from their shoot. These photos were shot simply in the yard filled with life and their room filled with books where they will welcome their baby Earthside any day now. The love and gentleness these two had for each other was so beautiful to witness. I can not wait to attend their home birth and do their newborn photos in the upcoming weeks. xoxo Christina Hultquist Send me a message to discuss getting your free maternity photo session when you book me to photograph the birth of your baby.
  • Homemade Pumpkin Latte

  • It can be hard to get in the "fall" mood here in Los Angeles. The weather is so warm. The trees don't change much and often don't change til later in the winter. The internet keeps reminding me though, that it is in fact FALL. With my new feeds full of all of my friends pinning and posting pumpkin muffins and cakes and lattes its hard to not want to indulge. I always click on the latte link, (cause doesn't a pumpkin latte sound wonderful?) only to find that the directions always have way to many steps. I do not want to bust out the immersion blender (HA if I owned one) at 6 am when I make my latte. So I thought I would try a simplified dairy and sugar free version (that won't wake up everyone in my tower at 6 am) and it came out pretty tasty! You need: Canned Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie Spice Canned Coconut Milk Espresso Take a spoonful of pumpkin and some shakes of pumpkin pie spice and set aside in a bowl. Make your espresso (I use the double cup) Pour the espresso into the bowl with the pumpkin and wisk it up! Pour the wisked up pumpkin espresso into a cup. Froth up your coconut milk. Pour your frothy goodness over your espresso Attempt seasonal latte art. #latteartfail Enjoy. xoxo Christina Hultquist