Monthly archives:June 2014

  • Forever Summer -Los Angeles Children's Photography

  • 6! My little girl is 6 years old! She spent a week in Northern California with her grand parents and I swear she came back bigger! The last few days have been filled with cake, presents, movies, and balloons! Between the fun I was able to sneak in a few minutes for pictures. Here is my first set of 6 year old pictures.Happy Birthday Kara Justice!
  • Kindergram! A Year of Kindergarten Through Instagram!

  • Today as I dropped my daughter off I held back the tears. Mostly because I didn't see any other moms starting to cry. Yes, I was looking around to see! I don't know if I will be strong enough to hold it in when I pick her up in 2 hours though. In fact, just writing this is is giving me the feels. Kara is my middle child but she is my first "kindergartener." My oldest was homeschooled. When Kara was 4 and started insisting she go to school I was a little taken back. I was sure she would want to stay home like her brother had. I worried that my quiet little girl had no idea what she was in for. Public school in LA? She hadn't even gone to preschool! What was she thinking!! I followed her lead, set my fear aside and sent her off with a woman I had never met and 25 other kids. I don't think she spoke a word in class the first week but I don't think there was anywhere she would have rather been. Watching her over the last year as she made many friends, memories and bonds with her teachers has been so fun. My Instagram addition has captured her thought the year. I had so much fun looking through our walking to school pics from the year. So glad I took a moment every few days to take these even if she was goofing off in them most mornings. Girl has STYLE! And since she is eating in about half of them... I should probably get better at making more time for breakfast rather than having her eat on the go! Ehhh I have all summer to work on that right! Here you go, watch Kara grow up each morning (and a few afternoons) as a kindergartener! First to last day! Follow me on Instagram to see our summer adventures. I will follow back!