Beach Day! -Santa Monica Family Photography

First of all, WELCOME to my new website! After a week of serious frustration, some snapping at my husband and a few tears that were thankfully followed by “AH-HA!” moments I am so happy to finally share it with the world.

Who knew I was a web designer?? I sure didn’t! I had been telling my self for a few years that to have a site like this I would have to pay for it. When in fact.. I just needed to quit Facebook for a week and FOCUS!

My website and blog are now ONE! No more confusing back and forth for you or me. I hope you will have a look around, but keep in mind I am still adding photos to galleries and making small tweeks!

To celebrate (really to thank my kids and husband for sticking it through “Christina pretending to be a website builder week”) we headed to the beach for a much needed family day at the beach.

Here is a little peek at the fun we had.

Lex working hard!

kids at beach santa monica kids playing in the sand at the beach

Kara “catching a wave!”

la beach family photography beach kids la

Luke and Kara working together! haha

kids having fun at the beach teen funny photography la babies playing in sand at beach in santa monica long beach la

My boys ♥

kids on beach pics la sandy photos sunny beach pictures at the ocean la

How cool is this shot!!! Kara and daddy jumping over waves!

so cal beach family photography

All of my loves…

la family beach

And the last two photos of the night…

santa monica beach photography for families and kdis beach baby

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.”
– Anonymous

Want me to send the day photographing your family at the beach? Send me a message and lets make it happen!


Christina Hultquist

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