I Resolve To…. Los Angeles Beach photography

I resolve to kiss my babies on the beach more. Living just a short drive from the Pacific Ocean I am just not there enough. It is nice enough year round that there is no reason that we can’t make it a few times a month instead of once every few months. So in 2014 I will take my kids to the beach. Often.

Also while doing my favorite photos of 2013 it was very obvious that I photograph my daughter far more than I do my sons. Part of the reason is my daughter is willing to model. She enjoys dressing up. She has so many fun cute clothes that I want to play dress up with her! My boys are less interested in photoshoots. Now because I don’t want to force them to take photos I will learn to photograph them just the way they are. Letting go of MY vision for them. Don’t get me wrong I am sure I will take advantage of any oppertunity to photograph Kara, cause ummm, tutus. I will just make time for the boys more as well!

Yesterday I did worked on both of these. We headed to the beach for the evening and plan on making Fridays “Beach Night!”

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