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  • Magical Birthing Garden- Hollywood Homebirth Photography

  • The moment I met these two moms I instantly fell in love. Their home, their yard, their story, their overflowing love for each other. Soft spoken, gentle and kind. I wrote a little about that first meeting HERE. That is where you will also find their maternity photos. When I arrived for the birth, I walked into their home and it was empty. I looked around to find everyone was in the back yard garden. Jody was quietly laboring on a birthing ball, her wife by her side. Her midwife and doula close by looked up at me with calming smiles while Hypnobabies played in the background. I had just walked into a magical birthing garden. :::swoon::: I am so honored to have been invited to welcome baby Soren into the world. I have been to many births, never before have I been so emotional at a birth. I teared up more times than I can remember and was in full on tears at times, overjoyed with all the beauty and love. I can not wait to watch this family grow and take many more photos of their life. This birth was also attended by Becca Gorden of Two Doulas Birth, Sue Wolcott of Shasta Midvies,  and Abigail Morgan of Float Chinese Medical Arts xoxo Christina Hultquist Little L.A. Photography
  • So Much Love- Hollywood Maternity Photography

  • While I patiently wait for the birth of these two mamas baby, I have been busy working on their maternity photos. It was hard to not just share everyone from their shoot. These photos were shot simply in the yard filled with life and their room filled with books where they will welcome their baby Earthside any day now. The love and gentleness these two had for each other was so beautiful to witness. I can not wait to attend their home birth and do their newborn photos in the upcoming weeks. xoxo Christina Hultquist Send me a message to discuss getting your free maternity photo session when you book me to photograph the birth of your baby.