10 Favorite Client Images of 2013 -Los Angeles Chrildren’s Photographer

As I am wrapping up my sessions from 2013 I am so thankful for all the beautiful opportunities I had with my clients families. Choosing my 10 favorite images from the year wasn’t easy. I chose these images for the emotions I feel when I look at them. I feel so blessed that these families chose me to share part of their life with them. Some for only and hour or two with their future baby, their newborn or their toddler. Others I spent days with patiently waiting to photograph their baby coming Eartside. Each time I felt like family as your welcomed me into your homes, let me swaddle up your newborn and trusted me enough to be at your birth. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart. These images are in no order as I can not pick a favorite. Also there are many many more I would have added but a “top 100” seemed a bit excessive!


This moment candid moment at a nursing session.

photographing motherhood los angeles

These two mamas waiting for their son.

indoor maternity photography same sex couple

This angelic mama with her newborn.

mother and newborn photo los angeles hollywood

This smooshy baby girl ♥

la photographer newborns

My adorable friends in a field hehe

LA maternity photography

Soren’s backyard garden birth!!

two doulas birth

Runner, cautiously allowing me to take his picture.

 kids fashion photography

Dana glowing on the beach in Santa Monica.

 pregnant on the beach la

Nursing in labor. This. THIS. This moment. Is why you must hire a birth photographer!!

breastfeeding in labot la hollywood photograhy

And this. ♥

family photography in vacaville


Christina Hultquist

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