Top 10 Personal Photos of 2013



Here is my top 10 personal photos I took this year!  Some candid, some I put more thought and planning into and some that were planned and didn’t turn out like I had envisioned yet I love just the same! I am so excited to watch how my babies grow and change in the next year and plan on capturing it all!

My 2013 personal favs!

Our home. This little  space was meant to be our home for 18 months. 18 months turned into 4 years when we decided to stay in L.A. for second round at the L.A. Film School. We are in our last few months in this home and I am so grateful I took this imperfectly perfect shot from our life.

los angeles lifestyle photography park la brea

Walking in on my 4 year old doing a little light reading…

world war z

Fifth birthday shoot ♥ This photo is now my business card and Kara proudly hands them out to people she likes in public haha

dreamy childrens photography hollywood professional photographer

Lex’s 3rd birthday shoot. This was a shoot photographers nightmares are made of. I picked the perfect time of day. Lex was well rested and seemingly in a good mood. I  dressed him in a shirt he loves and headed outside. He, in all his 3 year old glory, wanted NOTHING to do with taking pictures. I was so frustrated as I really was excited to have some 1:1 shooting time with him like (as you can see) I get with Kara so often. After a short time I gave up. I walked back to the house sure that I had got nothing from our short trip of chasing and bribing.. then I opened up the pictures on my computer and fell in love.

la kids photography

Sand behind her ears ♥

  beach baby

This. Oh how he loves her.

los angeles family photography


princess fishing what to wear when you fish


13 year old portraits los angeles

Sophie Dance recital

sophie dance

What may be my favorite photo I took ALL year. My Banksy balloon girl.

banksy balloon girl photo


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