Banksy Balloon Girl -Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

Banksy Balloon Girl

Street art is part of city life. I love watching my regular drives transform even without structural changes. It makes me think, creates interesting conversation sometimes just confuses me…

Either way, I love it.My all time favorite piece is Banksy’s balloon girl. It has always reminded me of my daughter. Her hair blowing in the wind, little dress over jeans..

I see innocence, I see loss, I see hope, I see myself… Let Go.

I have had this shot in my mind for a few weeks. Last night my husband, daughter and I went for it! We hike as high as we could over Griffith Park and set up this Banksy inspired shot of my 5 year old Kara Justice.

banksy balloon girl photo

If you are not familiar with Banksy or the art that inspired my photo you can find more is his work at



Christina Hultquist

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