On Sunday Morning – Los Angeles Farmers Market Family Photography

When we first moved to Los Angeles, we spent Sunday mornings at The Original Farmers Market. Specifically Bob’s Donuts. Our family would walk over, eat donuts, grab some berries from the fruit stand, and stroll through The Grove, making wishes at the koi fountain before heading back home. The kids LOVED this. I loved that the kids could run around freely before the large crowds would take over. Over the last few years, this little tradition slowed and walks to the Farmers Market have become rare. We go when friends from out of town visit, birthdays and December nights for hot cocoa’s and snowfall at The Grove. This past Sunday we gathered up our little crew and headed out for donuts, camera in tow. I think this little Sunday tradition needs to become a more regular thing for our family again.

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Does your family have a weekend morning tradition like this? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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