Finally, a writing station!

On the last day before winter break, I promised my kids I would make them a writing station. I envisioned them spending their break writing and creating. Then break started and so did the rush to finish my editing, then the packing, then the traveling and oh my it is already JANUARY! So I made making this writing station my first (of many) New Year’s resolutions.

The landing at the top of our stairs is our new Writing Station. Clip boards, pencils, paints and brushes. Paper, so much paper! All morning my kids have been creating and my home is strewn with wet paint coated masterpieces!

SO happy I was able to pull this together for them, even if it was at the last minute.

Welcome 2017! I hope you bring lots of creativity into our home!

writing-center-at-home kids-art-areas-in-small-homes writing-station kids-writing-station-ideas crayola-glitter-paint natural-colored-pencils drying-kids-art

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