• It's Cast Off Day!

  • A personal post today.

    Three weeks ago, my family was celebrating my husbands Birthday. Just as we sat down to eat cake, my youngest son, Lex, ran up the stairs in our livingroom. He made it up 2 or 3 steps before he slipped and tumbled down. He landed right on his elbow and we rushed him to Cedars. He had a pretty bad fracture that required 2 pins to be placed in his elbow and landed him in a cast for 3 weeks. Lex and that cast were not friends. He begged daily for me to take it off. From day 1 he was counting down the days til this cast came off! Today was finally the day!!!

    I am happy to report that his cast is off, the pins are out and he has been rewarded with ice cream for his bravery!

  • Fall 2017- Northern CA

  • Hello Fall!

    I am excited to announce my Northern CA Fall dates. Don’t worry LA, I will only be away 1 week. However my fall LA sessions are booking up fast so please reserve yours soon.

    Sacramento|Bay Area

    November 19th-22nd

    Due to this being such a short trip please book soon as these sessions are already filling up.

    Please use the contact page to message me for deposit information to reserve your session.

  • Magic and Make believe - Hollywood Family Lifestyle Photography

  • Stepping into this families home is like stepping into a fairy tale. I have been photographing them regularly since Theo, now 5, was 2 or 3 months old. Each time I am welcomed into a new world of magic and

    I have been photographing them regularly since Theo, now 5, was 2 or 3 months old. Each time I am welcomed into a new world of magic and make believe.  Their creativity and playfulness pull me in. It is impossible to spend a few hours with these kids and not become wrapped up in their pretend world of space travel or alternative realities where their pets have different names.

    Excited to share a tiny bit of their beautiful world of childhood with you.

    sweet-childrens-photography-los-angeles childhood-photographer-los-angeles fun-family-photography-ideas childrens-photographers-in-la childhood-unplugged la-family-photos playful-family-photography jumping-on-bed los-angeles-family-photographer childrens-lifestyle-photography-los-angeles music-photography-la hollywood-lifestyle-photography la-childrens-photography details-at-lifestyle-photoshootskids-lifestyle-photography-detailslos-angeles-hollywood-family-photography childhood-hollywood

  • Rain, Rain... -LA Lifestyle Photography

  • Kids all over L.A. awoke to something magical this morning. Water falling from the SKY!!!

    My kids live for the handful of rainy days a year to use their excessive amounts of rain gear they own. My daughter alone, owns 3 pair of rain boots!

    She literally could wear a different pair each time it rains a year! hahahaha Of course she wears them on the regular, you know, when it is 78 degrees in June, Kara is likely wearing rain boots.

    This morning, however, it was warranted. On the way to the car before school, my kids spent a few minutes enjoying this rare accumulation of water that fell from the sky.


    boots-dont-match-rain-in-la fun-reflection-photos rainy-day-in-la reflection-photography reflection black-and-white-reflection-photography

  • Finally, a writing station!

  • On the last day before winter break, I promised my kids I would make them a writing station. I envisioned them spending their break writing and creating. Then break started and so did the rush to finish my editing, then the packing, then the traveling and oh my it is already JANUARY! So I made making this writing station my first (of many) New Year’s resolutions.

    The landing at the top of our stairs is our new Writing Station. Clip boards, pencils, paints and brushes. Paper, so much paper! All morning my kids have been creating and my home is strewn with wet paint coated masterpieces!

    SO happy I was able to pull this together for them, even if it was at the last minute.

    Welcome 2017! I hope you bring lots of creativity into our home!

    writing-center-at-home kids-art-areas-in-small-homes writing-station kids-writing-station-ideas crayola-glitter-paint natural-colored-pencils drying-kids-art