• Welcome London - Los Angeles Birth Photography

  • When This mama called me and asked me to attend her birth I was beyond excited! You see, I attended her first birth 3 years ago.  To be invited back for her next birth was a great honor!

    Photographing her husband, son and family friend support her through her birth was so powerful. They had made that little birthing room at Kaiser their home for the evening. The room was filled with smiles, music, toy cars… you know, all the things you need at your birth!

    I can not wait to photograph sweet London as he grows up just like I have his big brother Sydney!

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  • Baby Gram - Los Angeles Newborn Photography



    Meet Gram. You may remember him from his last session with me. He was in his mamas belly! I was so excited to finally meet him!

    He invited me to his mom where he showed me all his toys and pets. Then he took a lovely afternoon nap and was a photographers dream baby!

    I had a really hard time limiting the images down that I would share today. There were just so many perfect ones so “bear” with me because this is one epic heavy post!

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  • Cast Off The New Year - Los Angeles Children's Photographer


    My daughter being in a cast was not exactly how we expected to spend our winter break. I was thinking of taking the kids to the snow while we were in Northern California. Possibly even snowboarding. When Kara came home with an injured elbow we had to change out plans a bit! So instead, we started our winter break a few days early and took it easy! She was such a trooper about the cast. She even went to see Santa (someone who she is normally not very fond of) and let him sign it! On the day her cast (filled with art and well wishes from her friends, family and Santa!) was the be removed I took some time to photographer her with it. It was a fun way to celebrate her healing and how brave she was those 2 weeks!

    arm cast kara cast pink cast supergirl

  • Tahoe City

  • During our vacation we headed to Tahoe City for a day. We spent the day with family, walked at the beach and played at the park. It was a chilly but beautiful day. We had been hoping for a little snow for the kids to play in but there was only a dusting up at the peeks that day. Hoping this big storm this week brings the Seirra’s lots and lots of snow that will stay long into the spring! lake tahoe  lake tahoe photography north lake tahoe photographylake tahoe park

    tahoe boy  lake tahoe beach winter  
    Not sure if these two had ever been in 30 degree temps before. If running around at the park didn’t warm them up these hot chocolates from Rosie’s Cafe sure did!

    hot cocoa whipped cream and hot cocoa

  • Red And Gold! Go NINERS!


     Every Thanksgiving I take advantage of my kids being dressed up, drag them into a field, bribe them to smile so I can snap a few pics! This year the 49ers were playing, naturally we ditched the dressier clothes and instead showed our team spirit! I only had a few minutes to take these before all the festivities begun. Surprisingly, even with about 15 mins to shoot these came out great! Now if only I could say the same about how the Niners played that day….  Whomp Whomp!

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  • Son Of Batman -Los Angeles Kids Cosplay Photography

  • When my youngest son, Lex, started asking to be Robin for Halloween months ago I knew I had my work cut out for me. I am not great at sewing but I knew my husband wasn’t going to settle for his son in a flimsy store bought Robin and of course my son had a specific Robin in mind. Damian Wayne the son of Batman! So I spent most of my free time the last few weeks hand sewing this together! I gotta say I am pretty proud of it!

    This morning Lex and I headed to a parking garage for a Gotham inspired look!

    Bet you didn’t know that Robin wears Captain America shoes did ya?

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